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How Passion Drove My Artistic Career from Concert Halls to Cuevas

Updated: Jun 3, 2018

Sometime you experience things as a young child that in the moment you don't realize the magnitude of the effect it will have on your life forever!

Like Gwyneth Paltrow in “Sliding doors” I lived my life for years not realising I took one rather than the other path. But what happens when you suddenly see?

When I was a young child my parents took me to see "Carmen" at the Jerusalem Festival.

It was mesmerising! The stage was lowered and sand was spread over it, the children were sitting on pillows at the foot of the performers.

There I was, looking up with wide open eyes and all I wanted since was to be a part of this magnificent thing...

And so I grew up and became a classical singer. I dived into romantic music of Puccini, R. Strauss, Schumann and Brahms, travelled the world studying and performing.

Years later, the Antonio Gaddes Flamenco dance theater came to Tel Aviv, I went to see it.

The parts of the show that touched me were those of the "Flamenco Puro", the authentic, row, flamenco music and dance.

When I spoke to my father after the show he told me: "But you saw this show already, as a child, in the Jerusalem Festival!"

It than became so clear! that missing part I was searching through my journey in the classical world, I needed that passion, that bravery of exposed emotions and direct connection to the listeners. So I travelled to Granada, studied flamenco (dance, to be sure I get the rhythms right) and created my show, the one that brings my truth, of using the highest skills and knowledge and the directness of the Latin texts and Flamenco "Duende" (Passion) to express the most basic feeling that drives us - Love

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