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FlamencOpera Fusion

A romantic and passionate musical event

This amorous, exotic encounter between the beautiful and voluptuous operatic voice and the passionate flamenco music,

leaves it's listeners craving for more.

A warm and loving performance, an experience that will forever be cherished

"Irit Stark's exquisite performance was absolutely breathtaking. This was such a great experience, very warm and intimate 

Listening to Irit’s singing you can not remain calm , in a moment she takes you away to an emotional state of mind.

It was a powerful radiant Performance! that kept you on your toes, kept you wanting more and more"  Alla Grienstein, Director of musical committee of IWC following Flamenco Opera performance at the German ambassador's residence

“It was an outstanding success both musically and humanly, having fantastic artists so attentive to each other and showing lovely interaction with the audience.
viewing such great musical sensitivity was a delight.
The warmth of Irit's voice showing surprising range of dynamics and colors...

...It was abundantly clear from our audience's enthusiastic reaction, that they were carried away with enthusiasm and would have loved to hear this again.
This was a unique and splendid experience!” 
Hanna Tzur
Musical director of Abu Gosh Festival. Following Flamenco Opera performance at the festival

The history behind this program:

Through generations the people of Andalucia used flamenco to express their anguish and their joy.

On the other side of Europe, the scholars in the Florence Academy came up with the enginius idea of creating Opera -

A larger than life experience that will express those emotions.

Both aims to express the human feelings to their fullness.

This is the base on which this show is built.


This is the first time a classical singer performs the authentic "Letras" of pure flamenco with their typical expressions and their unique rhythms

FlamencOpera EPK

FlamencOpera EPK

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FlamencOpera fusion

FlamencOpera fusion

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